A Path To Profitability

October 30, 2020

To say it’s been a crazy year is, of course, an understatement for all of us. At ACTON, we’ve taken the opportunity to refine our operations and streamline our processes to continue to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to the micromobility market. Today, we want to highlight our flagship eVehicle, the ACTON M PRO 3.0, and share some of the most salient features when it comes to engineering, design and innovation!

The ACTON M PRO 3.0 is an innovative eVehicle for the fleet market with ACTON patented technology to maximize uptime, security and compliance with local municipality requirements to power the future of intelligent, electrified micromobility.

Engineering and Technology Overview

Updated features of the M PRO 3.0 include: increased frame density, responsive brake system, hidden cables, quick access service panels, enhanced lighting and greater rider stability. This comes in handy for our European riders on those cobblestone roads!

Product ID and Quality Design

Built by a seasoned team of experts in Product Design, Transportation and IoT Mobility Solutions. We’ve designed the ACTON M PRO 3.0, not only to the highest quality in automotive standards but with first-of-its-kind patented features that have set total industry standards, including Top Swap Battery, Lock-To Solution and Self Sanitizing UV Grips that combat against the spread of disease (including COVID-19) to deliver a next-generation eVehicle that is built to last - while radically reducing operational and maintenance expenditures for our customers

ACTON has deployed the MPRO platform infrastructure in over 100 global cities, with MILLIONS of logged e-rides and a robust patent portfolio, to delight consumers worldwide. We are excited for the future of micromobility and the best part…this is just the beginning!

If your company is looking for Micromobilty-as-Service (MaaS) solutions you can count on, the scalable end-to-end infrastructure that ACTON offers can power your needs. Contact our team to see how we can help put you on an accelerated path to profitability!

PS: Sharing is caring. The ACTON team will be hosting an exclusive, invitation only, webinar called “Path to Profitability, Micromobility Done Right” in mid-November. Stay tuned for details and an invitation in the coming days.

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