A Year to Celebrate

December 15, 2021

“Each day, we go to our work in the hope of discovering” - Nikola Telsa

W00t! The Holiday Season is already here and we would like to take a moment to reflect on a thankful 2021.

Despite many global challenges with the ongoing pandemic and supply chain logistics, we were fortunate to continue our growth by adding talented new team members, strategic advisors and strong institutional investors, with the sole focus of keeping our client and partners connected and moving forward towards their success. To each one of you, we are truly grateful and thank you for choosing ACTON to be your trusted partner to build your company and smart 3.0 city together.

New Footprints

Domestically, we expanded into these new wonderful U.S. states:

North Carolina & more

Internationally, our exciting new partnerships now include these vibrant micro-mobility countries:

Puerto Rico
Ukraine & more

New Events & Thought Leadership

Although the travel restrictions are were still conditional, we were able to organize online VIP customer workshops, and even attend Micromobility America in San Francisco and TBB2021 in Berlin in person! These were both amazing events with expert panels and energized our team for an exciting 2022.

New investors

With a full suite modality portfolio, ACTON has developed a platform-as-a-service model and built a global footprint with millions of e-rides logged across our hundreds of partners. This value add has attracted new strategic growth investments from institutional investors with a focus on ESG, Wisemount Capital and EIT InnoEnergy.

Wisemount Capital:

Silicon Valley based Wisemont Capital focuses on AI & autonomous driving technology. “Micromobility has seen an exponential growth opportunity post-pandemic. A safer and more sustainable mobility option, combined with optimized administration supported by AI, becomes a natural choice for worldwide cities to answer the commute and congestion issues, I am delighted to welcome ACTON to our portfolio of high-potential companies." said Jun Li, Founder of Wisemont Capital.

EIT InnoEnergy:

EIT InnoEnergy is recognized globally as the most active energy investor and one of the largest climate tech and renewable energy tech investors in 2020. Supported by the Europe Union, EIT InnoEnergy has offices across Europe and in Boston, US. Jennifer Dungs, EIT InnoEnergy’s Global Head of Mobility, said “ACTON really has it all – well-designed and high-quality vehicles, the software to cost-efficiently manage operations, the infrastructure solutions and, not the least, the experience and capacity to roll-out at scale. For any given company or municipality looking to plug a off-the-shelf micromobility solution into their transport mix, it does not get much better than this.”

Amazing News Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for some industry changing news that we will be announcing in the first quarter of 2022!

To wrap up another tremendous thankful year of trust and growth with our clients, partners, investors, fans and supporters, THANKS A MILLION! A very HAPPY HOLIDAYS and NEW YEAR to you all!

2022 here we come! Lets roll Together!


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