ACTON Supercharges NYC with the Nexus eBike. ⚡️🚲

April 26, 2021

Hi everyone! 

We have one heck of an update for you today! Our team has been hard at work with the massive surge in demand for micromobilty eFleets around the world. One project, however, is changing the game for how major metropolitan cities can benefit from ACTON’s connected vehicle technology. We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with JOCO, to provide the only all electric bike sharing service, with indoor-stations, in New York City.  

JOCO is an innovative shared mobility company and is the first operator to launch this first-of-its kind initiative that is clean, sustainable and scalable for a better tomorrow. What is uniquely different about JOCO is that they are using indoor-based docking and charging stations on private property for public use! Therefore, we have been able to help JOCO completely leapfrog local governmental bureaucracy and red-tape to get their micromobility fleet deployed! Now, residents who are re-emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic will be able to access a network of e-Bikes to travel safely across NYC at an affordable price, powered by ACTON’s state of the art ebikes. 

In order to accomplish this massive feat, JOCO needed a premium e-vehicle technology platform to supercharge their efforts to rapidly deploy and launch their innovative operations in NYC. With the only indoor based micro-mobility solution in NYC, JOCO needed vehicle technology with IoT capabilities to keep them connected with their customers and fleets 24/7. With our automotive grade hardware and software solutions, this is where ACTON shines. “What differentiates us. . .first of all, our bikes are 100% electric, 100% premium,” Jonathan Cohen, Co-Founder JOCO said. 

With millions of logged rides across ACTON’s connected global eFleets, the Nexus e-Bike is part of a powerful lineup of multimodal light e-vehicles that combine more power, longer range and all-terrain urban capabilities - including enhanced uphill ascension with patented drivetrain and VCU technology. ACTON holds over 100 patents across their fleet of electric vehicles to bring the most comprehensive eFleet solutions to customers across the globe that make everyday use reliable and comfortable for users. 

The benefits of the ACTON NEXUS e-Bike include: advanced self-diagnosis and advanced battery management along with a powerful drivetrain featuring a 48V battery and 500W Motor to deliver hill-ascending torque and high-performance. 

“It is an honor to support JOCO’s vision and innovative approach to launching the first indoor micromobility deployment in NYC. We are thrilled that our proven technology solutions provide JOCO with IoT Connectivity, Contactless Tracking and Enhanced Vehicle Security options.” said Janelle Wang, CEO ACTON. “We are committed to ensuring that our partners have a hassle-free experience managing their eFleets while putting them on a path to profitability through our efficient and scalable solutions''. 

A massive fleet of JOCO branded Nexus e-Bikes will be rolling out on the streets of NYC starting in the month of April. This new partnership between JOCO and ACTON is the beginning of a multi-modal revolution to provide sustainable solutions to keep riders moving safely in one of the most visible metropolitans in the world and as the famous saying goes, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!”

To learn more about JOCO click here. To see how ACTON can help you level up your micromobility game, get in touch with our sales team here

Ride On! 


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