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June 11, 2021

As we Spring into Summer we are excited to announce another exciting new M PRO eScooter deployment with our partner Blue Duck. Headquartered out of San Antonio, Texas, Blue Duck was founded as a Tech Company who ditched their computers for eScooters. They have been at the forefront of micro mobility innovation across the United States to meet the demands and challenges of last-mile transportation in niche markets that have benefited immensely from micromobiltiy solutions. They’ve worked to fuse eco-friendly multi modal transit options with low-cost options to get residents where they need to go, along with careful consideration of impacts in the communities they serve. ACTON is proud to be a trusted partner and like the old saying goes, β€œBirds of a Feather, Flock Together”. To see where Blue Duck is flying now click the link below πŸ‘‡

Blue Duck e-scooters launching in Spartanburg

Blue Duck e-scooters launching in Spartanburg

What makes Spartanburg exciting, is that it is a major innovation hub and is home to more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. And from an educational standpoint, Clemson University is one of the major epicenters along with six other colleges and universities.

Pedestrian, and now micromobility, friendly Spartanburg has a municipal population of 37,000 and an urban population of 181,000. There are an abundance of parks and safe trails and along local waterways.

Community Support for Blue Duck e-Scooters

Community Support for Blue Duck e-Scooters

The initial deployment includes 100 dockless ACTON M PRO scooters for a 6-month trial period. β€œWe are excited to see our partners at Blue Duck continue to push the boundaries of micromobility across the Midwest and South East, delivering innovation in unique educational epicenters and communities to address first and last mile solutions.” said Janelle Wang, ACTON CEO. β€œWith thousands of ACTON units spread across Texas, South Carolina and Mississippi we could not be more thrilled to continue to support Blue Duck in bringing β€œMicromobility, Southern Style'' to the masses.”

To learn more about Blue Duck click here. To see how ACTON can help you level up your micromobility game, get in touch with our sales team here.

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