Innovation, Growth and Achievements

September was FULL of incredible moments for ACTON.
The work the team delivered thus far has paid off exponentially!

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In early September, the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum invited us to the 9th Annual SVIEF Awards in the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Our team was honored as one of the top 30 Innovative Companies in the Silicon Valley. We like to thank the organization for recognizing not only us but other companies that continue to innovate and build better futures in their respective fields. And even though our time was short, it was an amazing opportunity to meet new people and discovering new technologies and innovations that would make the world a better place!

On top of that, we got a chance to take a selfie with Mr. Monster himself, Noel Lee!

And speaking of fearless leaders, our CEO and Co-founder, Janelle Wang, was featured in Women of Silicon Valley’s 10 Questions piece on their website.

Here’s a little teaser from the article: 

I decided I wanted to be in the tech industry when I was a kid. My father is a physicist, so I got motors, battery packs, and soldering tool kits as gifts/toys from my father at a young age. I hand made a portable personal electric fan at age 6 and have enjoyed making and creating things with some type of tech in them ever since.
— Janelle Wang, Co-Founder + CEO of ACTON

As always, we are lucky to have her as a leader of ACTON and an advocate for the growing micromobility movement! If you like to know a little more about her, check out the article here.

We also like to announce that ACTON has officially partnered with the premiere software company Movatic! Movatic pairs our scooters with their backend and app platform and offers a compelling package to new operators.

"Movatic and ACTON are on the same page in our desire to provide our clients with the best service, and we do a lot together behind the scenes to make it happen."

Check Out the Full Article Here!

And finally, we got a test track!  But what should we name our course? ACTON constructed a brand-new obstacle course for our scooters to test strength and versatility!  The new testing ground simulates both the ordinary and extreme environments the M PRO powers through every day, ensuring we can offer the best product out there for your fleet. 

And, as of now, we don’t have a name for our test track just yet.  What should we call it?

With success comes evolution! As ACTON continues to grow, we would like to welcome two more team members to the ACTON family, Peter Jeung and Sonia Xi


We are excited to have you both at ACTON
and we look forward to growing together in Micromobility!


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