Innovation doesn’t stop just because of a lousy pandemic

July 8, 2020


Self-sanitizing Grips & Handles

ACTON continues to innovate in the fields of micromobility and public space with a patented technology that can sanitize any surface.

Designed to work instantly and is effective at killing 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria, including SARS-COV2 (COVID-19), Ebola, Influenza, and all other known disease-causing pathogens in a matter of seconds. The process is fast, safe and affordable. Key components are made in the USA. These products can be widely used in shared spaces (airports, train stations, schools, hospitals etc), public transit, and in shared or owned fleet vehicles of various sizes. Surfaces can be even or uneven. Please contact us for more info.

Nexus Ebike

Cities are transforming as electric bike sales skyrocket. Returning to a car-dominated city after the pandemic lockdown is out of the question! Bicycles are the ideal mode of transportation as cities emerge from quarantine, made even more appealing now that summer is in the US and Europe.

So, great timing for Nexus! Nexus fleet ready ebikes come in 2 colors: Cyber Snow & Matthew Black

The advantages of Nexus fleet ebike compared to others are quite extensive. Pls contact one of our Customer Success Managers for more information.

New cities

ACTON continued its fleet expansion, along with our wonderful partners, during this wild quarter. We traveled virtually to these fun and fancy places with our vehicles while we were stuck at home. We will announce more exciting locations in our next blog post.


ACTON contributed to filling packed virtual events and exhibitions this last quarter. They were informative and professional; thanks and kudos to these amazing organizers:

  • CoMotion
  • EcoMotion 2020 Israel
  • The Next Mobility & Energy

To sum up this post: can light EV take over in places where cars don’t work so well? In a world that is going green and with the need to de-congest traffic in cities around the world, LEV presents a worthy alternative. So, yes…

Let’s make our cities a better place to live, together!

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