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March 20, 2020

Dear Valued Partners & Customers,

We recognize that with the current COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone. Please be safe and be healthy.

At ACTON, we want you to know that we remain focused on seamlessly managing ongoing business to best serve you. We understand that Micro-mobility is essential to meeting critical travel needs as it fills a transportation gap in social distancing.

New York has seen a 50% increase in bike ridership this month, a Chicago bike share operator has seen usage double compared to the same time last year, the City of Bogota is expanding its cycling network by 47 miles of temporary bike lanes and San Francisco is keeping micro vehicles on the streets for essential travel.

We remain confident to continue to deliver uninterrupted value to our partners that are currently ramping up summer deployments. We’ve implemented our business continuity plan for all departments then taken actions to ensure continued service and support to our customers.

Our staff is working remotely from home

At ACTON, we are working diligently to support our employees who are supporting you. Happy Friday. For many of us, today marks the end of the first week of working from home. Cheers to a productive week working remotely as a team!

The Customer Success Team is providing consistent, reliable and uninterrupted service

Rest assured, we are on standby to advise you on best business practices during this time and many years to come.

Account Managers are actively providing best-in-class service

Our account managers are working around the clock to advise you of how to best manage your strategic plan and grow your business.

ACTON, as your trusted partner, is prepared to do everything we can to support you in successfully getting through these challenges together and win in your market as personal transportation usage will increase significantly!


Janelle Wang


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