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The ACTON M PRO is a fleet-ready electric scooter, solving the many challenges facing the shared e-scooter market. M PRO is engineered for durability and built with premium materials, lowering the cost of maintenance and service. This marks ACTON as the first company to offer scooters that are specifically designed for your fleet.

Built for Business

Rugged Dependability

Robust design includes
industry-leading strength ratings, heavy duty welds, and proprietary aluminum extrusions.

low Maintenance

Designed from the ground up for fleet use with durable hardware, serviceable parts and 10 in., airless tires.

Long Range Battery

Powerful and reliable Lithium-ion batteries maximize unit economics and minimize charging infrastructure.

built for your customers


A wide deck, low center of gravity and attention to ergonomic detail, made for a fun ride.


Smooth out the urban environment for a more confident ride.


Lots of controllable power, intuitive 2-stage braking, and sporty handling create the safest scooter on the road.