Moving Micromobilty Innovation Forward with ACTON

September 11, 2020

City 2.0 eMobility Infrastructure

As cities across the globe begin to slowly emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic and re-imagine a Safe and Proper Urban Experience, also known as City 2.0, the future of micro-mobility is clearer than ever before. Masses of commuters will no longer want to crowd into public transportation and will seek safer ways to navigate through dense city landscapes. We knew this day would come, but certainly not like this. Fortunately, we have been continuously innovating in this space, well ahead of anyone else, and are prepared to meet the needs of our customers head on - despite the massive shifts to our everyday life. We know that providing eFleet vehicle solutions alone is not enough. That’s why we are excited to share that we’ve expanded our offering to include docking and charging station infrastructure solutions, as these critical components are necessary more than ever for successful urban mobility deployments.

As such, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with DUCKT and KUHMUTE

to provide seamless plug and play universal adaptor and charging solutions for ACTON eVehicles. Thanks to our partners for the collaborations so we stay on the edge of innovation. This will help our customers better organize public spaces, lower operational costs and create a better experience for their MaaS (micro mobility-as-a-service) business needs. Jointly, we have several cities in our pipeline and we are excited to be part of this next generation City 2.0 infrastructure.

Smart eFleet

In addition to the infrastructure advancements we have made, we are also continuously upgrading our IoT platform to make the ACTON eVehicle Fleet smarter and more powerful. We recently launched a feature we call, “Lock To” with some of our key partners. This feature includes an integrated lock within our IOT platform, and on the chassis of our vehicle itself, that enables an operator to seamlessly lock and unlock the vehicle to a secure station, like a bike parking rack, without the hassles that exist with current solutions on the road.

We are committed to helping our customers navigate our new normal with easily deployable solutions that reduce their time-to-market and setting them on a path to profitability with our connected mobility solutions. ☁️⚡️🛴

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the ACTON team.

Until then, ride safe! 🤘🏻


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