Spring is Calling!

April 30, 2022

New deployments

Despite many global challenges with the ongoing pandemic and supply chain logistics, we were fortunate to continue our growth with new project roll-outs this quarter with the sole focus of keeping our clients and partners connected and moving forward towards their success both domestically and internationally.

New ACTON full system deployments (charging stations + fleet vehicles) are launching daily with several exciting locations such as San Francisco, CA and Ankara, Turkey showcasing the versatility of the full package through new hotel and resort partnerships. 

We have partnered with EIT Urban Mobility & Ankara Municipality for this 'first of its kind' city project which begins with a pilot and then expands citywide across 2022 and 2023.  Citizens can now enjoy completing their transit with first and last mile clean, equitable solutions conveniently placed where you need them at transportation hubs such as central squares and metro stations.

Cheers! Nexus ebike fleets are in Dublin! Zipp mobility has launched their new fleet of ebikes serving as the sustainable alternative for city and campus mobility and creating new, “emerald green”, shared last mile micromobility solutions using ACTON products.

New Innovations

New station with TV screen

If being able to park, lock and charge your ebikes or scooters wasn’t easy enough, we have just added brand new touch screens to the ACTON charging station! Now enjoy the luxury of a newfound revenue stream with advertising for your valued city clients, private sector hotels, or college campus, with our brand new, OLED touch screen stations. These sleek, state of the art stations are able to charge any type of scooter or ebike in any configuration that you chose.


2022 #GameChanger Award by Innovation Trivalley, CA

On behalf of our team, we are humbled and honored to have been awarded the 2022 #GameChanger Award by Innovation Trivalley, California. We look forward to continuing our pursuit of innovation and environmentally friendly solutions for city3.0.


Autonomy Paris, Mar 2022

"Laissez les bons temps rouler’! Autonomy Paris has done it again! The venue was amazing and it was wonderful to visit with our existing valued clients and meet many of our future customers. And of course, “when in Paris”, we ended with a fun and cheerful team dinner! We will see you there next year!

Lets roll Together!


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