August 8, 2022

It’s a blazing hot summer worldwide and global warming certainly is not helping! We can all keep cool riding our NEXUS ebikes and M PRO scooters with a nice breeze on our face while also reducing Co2 emissions ensuring that summers stay cool for years to come.

**For a limited time until Oct 1, 2022, if you place an order for 100 NEXUS Ebikes, M PRO 3.0 Scooters, or New Charging Stations, you will receive an additional 5% DISCOUNT ON TOP of the great price that may have been quoted!! Contact us at info@ACTON.SPACE to get your new pricing NOW!


Here at ACTON we are proud to announce that many of our partners are helping the climate initiative by launching new exciting micromobiity fleets are around the world. Look for these new ebikes and scooters in the following cities:

Mallorca, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Miami, USA

COMING SOON! We will have a monumental new deployment in Paris that we will be announcing in the next couple months!


AMSTERDAM: The ACTON team had a great time in Amsterdam with Micromobility Europe!Our very own Burcu Giriginer and Marc-Antoine Réol were featured panelists on the Evolving Consumer Trends in Micromobility and lead significant discussions on the future of the modern city commute and new innovations in the product field.

SAN FRANCISCO: TECH CRUNCH: In May in San Francisco, our CIO, Peter Treadway, gave in-depth technical insights  on Micromobility’s future at TechCrunch’s Hardware Experts Panel.

DAVOS: ACTON’s own COO, Cagri Selcuklu, was honored at the World Economic Forum and presented to the Climate Tech showcases the new products and innovations being led by our team.


IN SAN FRANCISCO: Mark your calendars for September 7-8, because ACTON will be in San Francisco! ACTON was honored to be selected as one of LG NOVA’s “First 50” companies!

We’re excited to be participating in the LG NOVA Innovation Festival this year, and we’ll see you there!

IN PARIS: We’ll also be in Paris on September 13 for the Sustainable Cities Summit, hosted by the HUB Institute, to share how ACTON is using Micromobility to achieve this very purpose. Be sure to stop by!

IN LISBON: We will showcase our Micromobility solutions, such as our NEXUS E-BIKES, MPRO SCOOTERS, and DUCKT Charging Stations, alongside 150 other sustainable energy startups at The Business Booster by InnoEnergy. Join us from September 28-29, for a great time!

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